Friday, 26 April 2013

Where to start? How to start?

I have no idea where or how to start and to be honest I just don't have the inclination to trawl through everyone's blogs back to the beginning to see how they started either. So here goes... Let's do it! 

Barry and Gertrude (or Gerty to her friends) are my two somewhat delightful and often delinquent dogs. They are Boston Terriers to be precise. Barry is nearly a year and a half and Gertrude about five months old.

Now I know they don't sound too amazing just yet and really, they're not. They're not particularly well trained and certainly won't be winning prizes at Crufts any time soon. Nor are they desperately and hopelessly badly behaved in a 'Marley and Me' sort of way. They are just your average canines but with slightly more squashed up faces. However their joie de vivre both invigorates and ages me simultaneously. To me they are amazing. They have taught me new things, made me new friends and revolutionised my life in just 18 months and now I want to make a record of some of their antics.

For now, I must wait as Barry just snores gently from across the couch and Gerty farts loudly beside me but I know that greatness lies within them and I will tell the world when it arises... I'll try not to bother you on the occasions it just turns out to be gas though.


  1. Ahhh, my little Barry and Gerty are famous! Brilliant start to your blog Lorna, can't wait to read more....

    Rachel x