Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Little Things

It has been an uneventful week and Barry has shown no overt signs of impending greatness or even hinted that it might be on the horizon.  In the past I may have been frustrated by this and anxious about what on earth I would report to you all this week.

However three and a half years with Barry has taught me to enjoy the quiet times just as much as the busy ones.  As wonderful as it is to receive meaty cupcakes, handmade with love on your birthday, you know that not every day can be as magnificent as a birthday, anniversary or other celebratory occasion.

Meaty cupcakes for Barry's last birthday!

So what to do between one wingding and the next?  Be morose and dwell on the tedium of life?  Wish your life away while in a constant state of anticipation of the next big bash?  Both options easily taken but this is where Barry comes in.

Barry wakes up (eventually!) every morning with a twinkle in his eye and a wiggle of his bottom.  The 'walky time' song (please use your imaginations, I refuse to sing it for you) never fails to excite regardless of whether the ensuing walk takes us to a new and exotic land or just to the nature reserve we visit almost every day.

'What's that?  A new toy from the 99p shop?  That is just the most marvellous thing that I have ever seen since the last toy you brought back from that fabulous shop!'

New toys!

'Breakfast?  For me?  Are you serious?  You are so kind!  I can't believe how lucky I am!'

'Move?  Why no, we can't move!  I'll have you know this is the best spot in the house right now!'
Enjoying a sun spot

'Wait just one moment (five minutes) if you please.  I must sniff this lamp post from all angles - it is just divine!'

'What's that you say?  A nap?  Oh, go on then,..'

If napping were a sport Barry would be an Olympian...

Hopefully you get the picture.  Barry loves butt rubs (don't ask), sniffing flowers, tug of war, nasty, smelly old toys, doing tricks, breakfast, walking, sleeping...  Barry enjoys every little thing in life and he reminds me to stop and do the same.


  1. This post brought such a smile to my face! My own little dog reminds me to do exactly the same! :-) x

    1. Thanks so much, it's lovely to know we've made someone smile!