Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Remembering my mission

I fear I have become distracted over recent months and strayed from my mission.  If there are any long time readers out there you may remember that many moons ago when I wrote my first post I had the intention of showing you just how great the Wonderdog and his Sidekick are.

So I sat down this week and put some thought into where their talents seem to lie now that they are both well established in the world.  For inspiration I started to swipe through some old photos and quickly a theme emerged.  In fact, I am quite certain I have unearthed their first true talent, something which both Barry & Gerty have proven to be great at...


Just being downright lazy and doing nothing at all
They are both extremely accomplished at all 
of the above.

I thought I was quite good at doing nothing myself.  I love nothing more than a lazy Saturday when Hubby is at work and there is nobody around to notice that the hoovering is not doing itself.  But then Barry came along and I suddenly realised that I had so much still to learn.

I now know that it is, in fact,possible to spend an entire day on the sofa, only moving for comfort breaks and nothing less.  And that is his comfort, not mine.  I know that it is possible to remain still and quiet whilst suffering from a dead leg or pins and needles throughout the entire length of your arm, just because they're so darn cute you can't bring yourself to move them!

Sleeping is great and the Wonderdog and his Sidekick are great at sleeping.
 If it were an Olympic sport, somehow, they would both win Gold.  

Greatness?  I think so.

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