Friday, 10 May 2013

Quiet time

With my muses sprawled out across me, emitting unearthly noises from the front end, ungodly smells from the back end and leaving just one of my limbs free to stab the keyboard, inspiration is not forthcoming this evening.  Their lethargy is contagious it seems.

As much as the tearing around the park is thrilling to watch and their tricks are delighting, it is these quiet times that are truly magical though.  Most often when the terrible twosome have worn themselves out entirely they will retreat to their beds and let slumber encompass them completely, unabated by the nuisance that is me, stroking, petting, cuddling and squishing their adorable little faces.

However, Barry seems to know when a cuddle is required to make the world right again.  On nights like tonight he will lay with me and let me rub his chin, tickle his grubby paws and fondle his sumptuously silky ears.  He lets me love him.  He oozes contentment which seems to infiltrate through the pores on my fingers until I once again understand that nothing is as important as a belly rub.

Having ears so soft that they make this sometimes dark and often difficult life seem manageable once more... that seems pretty great to me.

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