Monday, 16 February 2015

Greatness in Numbers!

We went along to a Boston Terrier Meet-up in Bushey Park, Teddington yesterday. This is one of my absolute favourite ways to spend a Sunday because dog walkers are, in my humble opinion, the friendliest people on earth and when you own a Boston Terrier you can't help but be filled with joie de vivre so that makes Boston Terrier owners the friendliest of the friendliest people on earth!
I just love spending the morning walking and talking with kindred spirits and being reassured that there are plenty of other little black and white weirdos running around Surrey who have managed to slide their owners squarely under the paw!
It is both wonderful and terrifying to see so many Bostons all at once. you spend much of your morning thinking you are watching your, own only to realise you are keeping an eye on somebody else's little terror whilst yours is causing chaos elsewhere or fretting that you have lost yours when in fact they are trotting along behind you tucked closely into your shadow in true "companion breed"style!
An additional benefit of attending these meet-ups is the beautifully peaceful Sunday afternoon we have afterwards while our Bostons slumber lazily, contentedly and usually in the sunniest spot they can find!
I think what I love the most about these walks is that you are just surrounded by speeding, snorting, snuffling little beasties, all dashing about, stopping for a quick butt rub or joining the queue for someone else's treats. I'm not sure if being there staves off my desire for more or stokes the fire but I do know that I'd rather be nowhere else. I believe Barry's greatness is exponential when combined with other Bostons and I am sure that is why fate brought his insufferable side-kick Gertrude into our family too!

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